Zoe Dorelli

Zoe Dorelli


Beguile The Night

Dark Matter Studio, 38 Elcho Street, London, SW11 4AU
10th – 19th October 2014

Gary Colclough | Zoe Dorelli | Patrick Jackson | Marianne Walker | Mary Yacoob

Beguile the Night’ came together organically, its motivation gradually coalescing out of a series of conversations between friends and colleagues around the paradigms within each individual’s practice.

The title of the exhibition was chosen to call to mind the experience of working at night, that delicious seclusion so hard to achieve in the 21st Century. It was also chosen to reference the mind state that night frequently engenders, consciousness dropping down into the depths like a stone into a pool. The perceptional change in time span and glimpses of deep thought.

Each artist was asked to think about recurrent motifs within their practice – what, when left to their own devices, do they return to again and again in the studio. It was initially thought that all concerned approached the working aspect of their practice in a similar fashion. It’s been surprising to learn that this is not always the case and even more intriguing are the connections between the works despite these variants. Differences in approach roam from the hard won concentration achieved against a background of noise, to windows of opportunity carved out during the daytime hours, but all works shown represent the recurrent motifs within each artists practice in an effort to authentically communicate their baseline motivator in an undiluted form.